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Aug 25 & 26:
Carnelian LIVE at the Celebration Barn, Maine 

After a weeklong workshop, Carnelian debuts its first live performance with a full cast and live band.

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September 5 & 9:
Carnelian LIVE at the Cannonball/Philly Fringe Festival

Two special performances on September 5 and September 9 take place at Fringe Festival.

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April 13 - July 16:
Carnelian 3-Channel at MIT List Center, Massachusetts

At the List Center, Brown debuts a multichannel video installation titled Carnelian (2023) and a group of significant new paintings. The centerpiece of this new body of work, is an immersive three-channel film that looks with humor and pathos at impending global disaster. Taking the form of a musical

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July 7
Carnelian Cabaret at Deli Gallery, NYC

Lex Brown and Samuel Beebe perform a two-person vocal, piano and guitar interpretation of Carnelian at Deli Gallery (Tribeca, NYC).

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July 1 
Carnelian Cabaret at The 8th House, Vermont

Lex Brown and Samuel Beebe kick off Carnelian's summer tour with a live performace and brick oven pizza on the back lawn of BigTown Gallery (Rochester, VT).

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June 11
Screening at Plays and Players, Philadelphia

Carnelian's first screening as a single-channel film premiered at the Skinner Studio at Philadelphia's historic Plays & Players theater.